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2 Teen Girls Took A Fashion Mag Into A Lunchroom And Came Back With This Video

I think this is important work.  Body image is a big issue and I think getting opinions of young people on the matter is important.

However there is one issue that they did not discuss during this documentary which is an equally disturbing problem with 17 magazine and other magazines like it.

Not all girls are white.  Not all women are white.  Not all people are white.  And the fact that all of the people, or the vast majority of people in these magazines are white is a problem.  Magazines that show people of color with washed out skin tones, are a problem.

Yes photoshopped images of impossibly thin women are a problem, but so is photoshopping the color out of people’s skin to make them ‘white enough’.  Leaving entire groups of people out of magazines is also a problem.

Things to think about.

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